General Data Protection Regulation

These New Security Requirements for Data Protection are shaping the Future.
It will effect us ALL.


  • What does a small business need to know about GDPR?
  • Does a small business need to do anything about it?
  • ‘I thought it was only for European Union countries’?? (Not so)

Queen City Business Networks can help you navigate and know where you stand.  Help you feel comfortable about where you are or need to be, by helping you understand your exposure to this new law.

Regardless of where you are in your understanding or addressing of this new requirement Our GDPR Assessment will identify your exposure level and from there we can help you correct or help you to avoid the exposure you’re in.

Assessments are based on business type and need as we only charge for the work being done as each business is different Give us a call today and we’ll schedule with you to help you understand, and limit your exposure.