Struggling with Securing Sensitive data?

Why do so many companies struggle with securing sensitive data?

Many of today’s business processes are done digitally, so why it is that data protection and cloud security remain such a challenge?

A large reason why is because as more companies become aware of  data security threats, cyber-criminals adeptly adjust just as fast, refocus their strategy, and exploit a different area of negligence.




Common mistakes businesses make with securing sensitive information:


  1. The ‘Why would someone hack us?’ philosophy.

  • Whether you sell life insurance, run a pharmaceutical company or own a small chain of coffee shops, you’re always at risk. Thinking otherwise is a cornerstone reason why hackers are so successful.
  1. Repetitively used passwords.

  • Your, laid off/fired employees who leave your company would go on to speak wonders of their experience and sing your praises everywhere they went, if we lived in a dream. But in reality, such circumstances rarely exist.  Disgruntled ex-staff are sometimes suspect to incite problems. Updating passwords accordingly, while documenting to IT STAFF the changes made, is imperative to communicate — and to do so in a methodically organized fashion.
  1. The exploitation of…people.

  • Socially Manipulating people, has become one of the most easiest, unassuming, devious, and effective tactics for successful data breaching. Yes, people.  No encryption required.  No intricate passwords. No firewall protection, viruses or two-factor verification.  Just the criminal, and the person with the access to the data. Whether someone calls your office on the phone pretending to be a current employee, vendor or client or visits your company on-site as an IT professional, “new hire” or law enforcement official —“social engineering” is gaining serious ground and criminals continue to improve their pitch each day.


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