Microsoft’s HoloLens…Game Changer or Another Headset Fad?

Microsoft’s HoloLens…Game Changer or Another Headset Fad?


Microsoft's HoloLens...Game Changer or Another Headset Fad?

My Thoughts...

IF IT WORKS AS ADVERTISED… TOTAL Game Changer. Microsoft’s HoloLens. I feel this has the capacity to take computing to the next level (Finally. Microsoft has been in a downward spiral ever since the ‘old knowledge’ left {whole additional blog}).

The shear possibilities with Microsoft’s Hololens technology should be mind bending even to the average user. To the programmer and the ‘necessity’ driven possibilities are truly endless. I’m afraid to say this out loud and probably shouldn’t, but even if the ‘Headset’ is $2000 (current guesstimate is ~$500) it’s still probably worth it.

Once applications begin to be written for this platform and users grasp the base functionality this will change almost every area where computing is used and open new ones never before thought of.


Microsoft’s Hololens is an additional way for most to begin to communicate by not communicating verbally. Like ‘Facebook’ and other ‘communication’ platforms, platforms that tout the ability to communicate with 1000’s, but really only further isolate us from our neighbors, I can see how Microsoft’s Hololens would have the ability to create more space between us under the guise of bringing us closer together and improving our communication.


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