Web Filtering… Does it help? Is this monitoring something my business needs?


Particularly if you’re a small/micro business.  Bandwidth and internet speeds are most precious in this era of the ‘cloud’.  If you’re a smaller business, you don’t have bandwidth to go around. Being able to filter what your users can go to can greatly increase your capabilities to get work done.  Equally important, businesses need to be sure employees are being productive and not opening themselves to risk.  Knowing who is spending 3 hours a day on the sports channel is important as well.



Content filtering and blacklists keeps users off unsafe sites. Not only intentionally but Unintentionally as well.

Protection against malware downloads, phishing, adware, botnets, and spam sites.  While this may not ‘block’ those active types of attacks, it will certainly reduce your chances by blocking untrustworthy activities and locations.

Web Monitoring and reporting is a good add on to this as well.  This allows for all sorts of help with bandwidth control and seeing who’s busy doing work and who’s just busy.  It will allow you to analyze all web traffic and help your administrator know what is using how much and when. Enabling them to modify network items and updates to different times and schedules as well to help conserve even more bandwidth.

Both of these options can really assist a small business, or any business.  Here at Queen City Business Networks we can show you how to implement both the filtering and the monitoring for as little as $3 a month. Once again, using what we know to help your business grow.

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